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Dear devotees, Free meditation sessions at Abhayarama Vidarashana Meditation centre Enfield 16A, Bycullah Avenue, EN2 8DN (Free parking available) How to reduce stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and Manage anger through meditation 06.08.2020 6.00pm Attend “Mindfulness based stress reduction” (MBSR) meditation sessions and get benefits for your mental and physical health by 1. Regulating emotions, body awareness, self awareness and attention. (Psychological science study) 2. Lowering stress, decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol

3. Knowing selves objectively analysing yourselves 4. Changing the brain in a protective way. (University of Oregon research) 5. Helping the brain to have better control over processing pain and emotions specifically through the control of cortical alpha rhythms (Human Neuroscience) 6. Making you more compassionate (Northeastern and Harvard university’s research) 7. Decreasing stress symptoms among individuals with cancer (Research from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center) 8. Decreasing loneliness among the elderly, boosting health

9. Lowering depression risk among teens. (Study from the University of Leuven.) 10. Helping you sleep better. (University of Utah study) 11. Helping to recover from illnesses 12. Lowering blood pressure 13. Improving heart health 14. Boosting immunity 15. Improving concentration 16. Becoming extinct of suffering NHS UK “It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. You can take steps to develop it in your own life” This is an ongoing programme All sessions carried out in English. Food and drinks will be provided for all the participants. Join us for Dhamma, meditation tea coffee biscuits.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact on 02035905269


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