Abhayarama Temple

Abayarama Buddhist Vihara was established in 2013 july and situated at 16A, bycullah Avenue, Enfield, North London EN2 8DN. It is a Threvada Buddhist temple and also a Vipassana Meditation centre serving the needs of the Sri Lankan Buddhist Community as well as anyone interested in the Buddhist teaching and meditation from different back ground.

In addition to day to day religious events, the temple conducts Dhamma school and moral education programmes for children, buddhist counselling, guided meditation classes in both Sinhalese and English language and most of our devotees and visitors enjoy “Mindful based stress reduction meditation programme” achieving excellent results. Furthermore the temple conducts weekly bodhi puja and monthly Seela programmes on Full moon poya days.

The venerable resident monk who is the chief incumbent of temple, Royal Pandit Rev Panamure Thapassee thero makes him available most of the time for Blessings, Dhamma discussions, Pirith chanting and so on.

Our mission: We strive to awaken within us the compassion and wisdom of Buddha Dhamma sharing the teaching of Buddha among local and sri lankan community and who seeks the knowledge and the truth of the Buddha Dhamma and who wish to learn about the boundless wisdom and compassion regardless of religion, race, sex, nationality or gender identity or expression.

Our vision: We believe the daily practice of living-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity has a profound impact on humanity. So our intention is to provide an accepting and tolerant space where people from all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and cultures can come together to build a peaceful community.


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