Meditation in English and Sinhala

Abayarayama vidarshana meditation centre is helping people to clear their mind through meditation leads to increased concentration, improved memory, lower stress and spurts of creativity.  So you have chance to learn in a place where there is such a rich Buddhist tradition, a wide range of knowledgeable and friendly English-speaking instructors. Daily meditation is great for stress reduction and it has been recommended by medical professionals to help alleviate anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even addictions.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

It is the creation of balance in our dense dimensions that allows our subtle dimensions to open so we may actualise increasing multi-dimensional awareness. Through continuous meditation you become wakeful being more intimately present in the moment To take up meditation is to introduce a powerful force for change in your life. If you change your mind then the world changes too. Meditation can be the beginning of life's greatest adventure. So please do attend our meditation classes taking place twice a month and also there are drop in session.

Why Meditation is Important

Physical, Emotional and Mental Benefits of Meditation - *Greater emotional balance *Increased creative thinking *Lower blood pressure for whom with high bold pressure *Immunity boost *Improved productivity *Stress reduction *Pain relief *Increased happiness *Improved concentration *The primary benefit of meditation is that it helps create balance between our inner world (the quiet, interior experience) and our busy, noisy exterior world.


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