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If you donate or let go things, you too would be benefited at some point in this existence or in a later existence as a result of it.If your donation is for a good cause, with a genuine intention, it will bring an enormous happiness to your mind every time when it is recalled, it takes you to a world of contented thoughts that will last repetitively for the rest of your life for your own benefits...

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Meditation on Zoom
Meditation on Zoom
  • Tuesday
  • 6.30pm
  • Zoom online event


Welcome to Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre official website. We expect to provide almost all information regarding events through this page to all devotees and their family members,relatives and friends. Also,we are welcome your valuable feedback to enhance our social work to society. May noble triple gem bless you all!!!

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    Rev Thapassee thero

    Abhayarama Meditation Centre

    Venerable Royal Pandit Panamure Thapassee thero is the chief incumbent of Abayarama vidarshana Buddhist temple. Venerable Thapassee thero studied at the university of Ruhuna and Kalaniya Sri Lanka obtaining BA (Pali) degree and MA post graduate degree in Buddhist education.

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    Ven. Nanadasiri thero

    Amathagavesi Noble Society

    Sambudupada Padmanugatha Siri Amathagavesi Noble Society was established to take you to an experienced teacher. He is Ven. Waturugama Nanadasiri thero. He teaches Saddha Seela, Samadhi, Panna and proven that an ordinary man is able to understand the path to nirvana.

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    Ven. Amatha Gavesi

    Amathagavesi Nobel Society

    Venerable Amatha Gavesi Thera was born on December 19, 1918 at Walana, Panadura. The late Venerable thero’s religious inspiration began thus from his birth into this very religious Buddhist family. He passed his Senior School Certificate and was an English Teacher in a school in Matara.

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